What makes us different?

how we operate & our focus

We differentiate ourselves based on how we operate our company compared to our competitors, who tend to be large consulting agencies that have a broader focus on carrying out engagement activities, with the management of data being one piece of the offering. In our experience, this more general focus can lead to problems with ‘not being able to see the grass from the trees’, with missed opportunities to streamline and simplify the data management side of things. These missed opportunities occur mainly because the teams are still ‘stakeholder engagement people’ doing ‘data people’ work. If you are looking for a team that can carry out engagement activities such as open houses and environmental assessments, that’s not our wheelhouse. Instead, we are razor-focused on providing simple solutions for effective data management. We believe this positions us to provide a better service than hiring a consultancy.

value-based pricing

Rather than charging clients on an hourly basis, as most consultants do, we charge on a contract basis. Setting prices in this way means that we are always incentivized to deliver the outcomes promised and outlined in the most time-efficient and straightforward manner. That is our mission! No ‘scope creep,’ hidden costs, or uncertainty about what you will get at the end of the contract. We are fully transparent about the total cost for each of our plans and services and guarantee results or your money back, no questions asked. We believe that we deliver much more in terms of value, and our services cost less than an expensive consultancy who charge by the hour, and those hours can sure add up when you don’t do things most efficiently!

our systems and way of doing things

We have put in the work to develop simplified internal systems and processes so that we can simplify yours. We have tried and tested techniques for ensuring the successful delivery of each of our services. No reinventing the wheel here!

our background

Our experiences working with proponents, regulators, and Indigenous organizations give us an insight into the critical requirements for effective data tracking and reporting. And our software development background means we understand both sides of the data puzzle.

we look forward to hearing from you

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