data management, simplified!​

For Indigenous, stakeholder and public engagement teams, ensuring that data is accurate, reliable, and timely is critical to demonstrating effective engagement and meaningful consultation.

the challenge

Many engagement teams face a lack of internal capacity, resources, or expertise needed to ensure that this critical data gets managed in the right way.

the risk

Inadequate, inconsistent, and over-complicated data management and reporting processes ultimately lead to project and reputational risk for your organization.

how we can help

to dedicate the time needed for effective tracking of data

to ensure data is managed and reported consistently and efficiently

to support administration of stakeholder information management systems. 

ixopo can help your team reduce the risk introduced through mismanaged data while also reducing the time and cost burden of managing data in the right way.

We are a team of data management experts with ten years of experience working with engagement and consultation teams from various industries, assisting with the deployment of stakeholder information management systems.

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Whether your project team needs help with the entry and management of engagement records, support with developing data management processes and protocols, or assistance with administration of your ‘stakeholder’ information management systems, we can help.

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