about us

who we are

Ixopo is a Data Services company specializing in providing Data Management, System Administration, and Protocol Development services to project teams involved in Indigenous, stakeholder, and public engagement in Canada.

Our mission is to reduce the stress, cost, and risk of ineffective data management.

how we got here

We founded Ixopo with a vision of simplifying the way project teams collect, organize, input, review, and report on engagement and consultation data. Before founding the business, we spent ten years working with clients from various industries, assisting with the support and deployment of stakeholder information management systems. Throughout those years, we found ineffective data management to be pervasive across sectors, and, time and time again, we experienced the failure of information management systems, not due to a problem with the systems themselves, but due to issues with data management processes within the organizations/departments.

As a well-known technology man once put it:

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

For stakeholder information management, ‘operational inefficiencies’ mean ineffective and inconsistent ways in which project teams, data contributors, data entry-clerks, and data consumers go about the process of data collection, data entry, data review, and reporting. Ineffective and inefficient processes lead to mismanaged data, and mismanaged data means additional risk and cost for your organization.

some costs of ineffective data management to consider

  • Hiring expensive consultants to identify and fix the ‘issue with the system.’
  • Frequent re-configuration of systems.
  • Re-training of end-users.
  • Manual review, scrubbing, and correction of data.
  • Manual preparation of reports that should be available at the click of a button, and the late nights that ensue!

there has to be a better way

Having encountered all of these costs and the stress that comes with them, we had the proverbial, “There has to be a better way!” moment. We decided to build a company that would focus on providing services to specifically address the three critical issues we encountered with data management across the board:

  • Lack of resources to dedicate the time needed for effective tracking of engagement data;
  • Lack of efficient and effective data management processes & procedures needed to ensure data is managed and reported adequately and consistently;
  • Lack of system administration expertise needed to ensure the ongoing integrity and adequacy of data.

we address these issues in the simplest way possible

Our company’s mission would be to address these issues in the simplest way possible. We decided that we could do this by providing three primary services:


To reduce the data entry burden and ensure data is entered and managed most efficiently. Our team would take away the pain of data entry and make sure that reports were reliable and timely.

protocol development

To reduce the risk of inconsistent data and help clients work from best practices for data management. Our team would take away the pain of process and protocol development by providing pre-prepared protocol templates as starting points, basing them off work we had completed on data management protocols over the years.

system administration

To reduce the system administration burden and ensure the effective administration of systems. Our team would take away the pain of information system administration. We would do it in the simplest way by developing a checklist of administration functions that we had identified as critical for successful systems deployment.

and so, ixopo data services was born!

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